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Please read below before sending a request for Support
In order to keep our costs and yours down, we have provided all you should know in online/self-contained help. Find out what you should know before emailing us.

Please note that Use of the Hosting Plan/Subscription requires a certain amount of knowledge in the use of Internet Programming Languages, protocols and software, etc... This knowledge will vary depending on the usage and content level of your website. You or your webmaster must have the knowledge necessary to maintain your website, as it is not EayOK Hosting responsibility to advise, teach, supply or provide any such knowledge or customer support outside of the Plan (s) agreed to you by EayOK Hosting on the Net. This means that our help/support is limited only to your website working. We are not licensed to teach software programs.
Example: After we set you up on our servers, you should have uploaded your index.html. We make sure that it is viewed by the public (running). We want to make sure your email address is working. The rest is up to you and your knowledge of the software, java, scripts, etc., you are using.
This above applies to EayOK Hosting and ALL hosting companies! You may find tech support for teaching you software, with other providers. However, the hosting will reflect a higher cost per month. In some instances, you could be paying an additional $30 to $150 per hour for this. We recommend that you find your own webmaster or tech to teach you or to deal with you technical software/scripts problems.

Our VIRTUAL DEDICATED SERVERS (VDS) are loaded and support just about all the programs on the market today. It is an inexpensive way to host your site as EayOK Hosting Services already leases this kind of server. Virtual servers are geared to the general public with less programming language needed. For example; You learned how to use Microsoft's FrontPage. Our servers and CPanel support Microsoft's FrontPage extensions. However, in order for Microsoft's Access (a database) to work with it, this requires the purchase of an ODBC driver which does not come with UNIX Linux. We will be contemplating this idea and may offer it in the future. Our servers and Cpanel supports the MYSQL (a database). However, neither we, our server techs nor CPanel can teach you how to use it. Either you must already have the knowledge to use it, hire someone who knows or go to school and learn it. The same applies to the rest of the features. CPanel also comes equipped with preinstalled software and scripts such as CGI scripts (counters, clocks, guestbook, shopping cart, etc). In this case, all you have to do is decide/choose what you want and CPanel automatically writes the script for you to place on any page of your website through insertion of an HTML code.

Certain programs require a DEDICATED server which allows you access to the root for programming and installing your own software. This requires extensive technical knowledge and costs to you are tremedous.

CPanel help: Your Control Panel has documentation on CPanel's Website. There is an unofficial website that give further details on cPanel: We also provide help for CPanel on CPanel Tutortorial. The features of the control panel is extensive. Though the features are available (supported on our servers), you must have the knowledge to use them. EayOK Hosting on the Net cannot teach you. We are only a hosting company, not a school.

Quick help
Paths help: Here is info on the paths to your hosted domain on our servers.
Server location: /home/username//
Path to sendmail or SMTP server: /usr/sbin/sendmail
Path to PERL 5: /usr/bin/perl
Server basepath: /home/username//

Platform (UNIX/NT/ETC...): UNIX
URL to any documentation on your server: We have links on top of the Cpanel
MYSQL_DB or DB_FILE: /usr/lib/mysql
CP Access/Login:
You need to log on in order to use CPanel to manage your web site.
To log on:
  1. Enter the address of your CPanel in your web browser. The address needs to be in the form of or
  2. Enter your user name and password in the User Name and Password fields.
  3. Click on OK button. You will now be logged on to CPanel.
FTP Host:
FrontPage: to use FrontPage PUBLISH after you designed your website, type, and type your login. FrontPage can be installed from your CPanel "Access Menu." It can be turned on or off.
NeoMail Path:
Horde Path:
SquirrelMail Path:


E-Mail help:
Using email if it's
You can use your Webmail in your CPanel Control Panel along with your login for each email address you have if you use To get into your CP, type your URL address  ( The rest of your email addresses can only be accessed by using the full path of your entire email address ( as the "Username." Include the password for that username. You can also use your favorite email program for POP mail. The same values apply.

Using email if it's visit for details.
This is for POP email addresses using your favorite email program such as Outlook Express or Netscape.

Webmail is accessed through your control panel and can be accessed from any computer, anywhere. See your control panels DOCUMENTATION by clicking on the "Click to View" link.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions are here: FAQ
Full instructions: found in EayOK! Hosting Services CPanel Tutorial or your own control panel Documentation. Or, go to


EayOK Hosting on the Net Nameservers: Most registrar's accept name based server (under Nameservers) info. If you should require the full server address, it is below, under "IP." Your DNS must point to our servers before your website can work. Change your DNS at your registrar to:




If you are having a problem with the function of your website
Click and describe your concerns.


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