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Just how much SPACE or BANDWIDTH do you need or want?
Measurements of a 36KB page are provided and calculated to give you an idea of the size of your website and how much storage you want to have.
If you are determining bandwidth, we will use a example website that gets 600 to 800 hits per day. We then looked at the website's control panel and found that this website has used 231.89 Megabytes of bandwidth in a 22 day time period. Most websites don't get this kind of traffic. Therefore, it is safe to say that if your hosting company allows you 500 MB of bandwidth per month, this is more than enough for a website that gets about 800 hits per day.

EayOK Hosting on the Net gives you a generous 3 GB (3072 MB) bandwidth for Plan 1 with 200 MB of space and Plan 2 with 300 MB of space. So, if you use the example website that gets about 800 hits per day using about 250 MB bandwidth per month, then it's safe to assume that with 500 MB bandwidth will hold about 1,600 hits per day. AND, if your hosting company allows you 1 GB of bandwidth, this is more than enough for 3,200 hits per day. Your website has to be very popular to get this kind of traffic on 1 GB bandwidth allowance.

One megabyte equals a unit of computer information storage capacity equal to 1,048,576 bytes or 8,388,608 BITS
One gigabyte equals a unit of computer information storage capacity equal to  1,073,741,824 bytes
1 BIT = .125 byte
1 byte = 8 BITs
1 kilobyte equal to 1024 bytes
1 megabyte = 1024 kilobytes or 1,048,576 bytes (1024 bytes x 1024 bytes)
1 gigabyte = 1,073,741,824 bytes (1 GB) 1,048,576 bytes (1 MB) = 1024 MB

1 GB

= 1024 MB's  

6 GB

= 6144 MB's

2 GB

= 2048 MB's  

7 GB

= 7168 MB's

3 GB

= 3072 MB's  

8 GB

= 8192 MB's

4 GB

= 4096 MB's  

9 GB

= 9216MB's

5 GB

= 5120 MB's  

10 GB

= 10240 MB's
Text, tables, pictures, etc., on a page determines how many bytes per page and the files in your directories. This page is about 36 KB. The 2 pictures in the above logo alone (green background and the logo) equals 44 KB but are stored for all pages to use because it is a top border in the software program. Or, it can be a frame. So, if the pictures were deleted, the file size goes down to 35 KB.  If a picture is applied on a page that is not a border or frame, the bytes are much higher. The picture resolution and how it was saved, determines picture size in bytes.
If a page is 36 KB, then 1024 bytes (1 KB) times 36 KB = 36,864 bytes for this page size.
1,048,576 bytes (1 MB) divided by this page size (36,864 bytes) = over 28 pages
If 1,048,576 bytes are divided by 1024 (1 KB), this equals 1024 kilobytes.
1024 kilobytes divided by this page (36 KB) equals over 28 pages
28 pages of this page (36 KB) size, times 25 MB of your hosting space = a capacity of about 900 pages if you use one 44 KB photo per page.
If you have many pictures that eat up bytes, then you will have less pages.

Of course, if you add eCommerce, audio, video, sound, hot bots, codes, plug-ins, java applet, fancy tables and so on, your page's KB's will add up. this would mean you would have less pages. It's always wiser to have a little more hosting space than you need. Note that if you have many pages with the additions as just mentioned and you keep making changes uploading, your bandwidth gets used.  Also, if you have a lot of traffic (people that visit your site), they are spending time and using your allowed bandwidth on the server.

Anyway, if you choose a hosting package with EayOK Hosting Services, you will be able to see your sites statistics and usage in your Control Panel.


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