The SSL Manager will allow you to generate ssl certificates, signing requests, and keys.
Trusted Certificates
The first step to installing a SSL certificate from a trusted provider is to create a private key file to be used with your SSL certificate.
Please note that this private key file must be used with the specific SSL certificate that it is for. This private key is secret and should not be given out. Also, there is no way to recover a private key file if it is lost.
Creating a Private Key File

To create a private key file, click on the icon
Private Keys (KEY).
Scroll down to Generate a New Key and select the domain you wish to use the SSL certificate on. NOTE: If you wish to use the SSL certificate on a subdomain such as, you will need to first create that subdomain. To create a subdomain, see Adding subdomains.
After you've selected the domain you wish to use, click on Generate to create the public key file.
After you've created the public key file, you'll need to generate a certificate signing request.
Generating a Certificate Signing Request

To do this, click on the icon above Certificate Signing Requests (CSR).
Please note that your SSL provider may require your information in a specific way. Please check with their necessary CSR information for Apache.
Now, you must complete the signing request form to provide your SSL provider with the information they need to generate your SSL certificate.
To start, select the host for your certificate from the drop box. The host is the domain you've created a private key for.
Next, you will need to enter the Country that you are located in. The State or Locality that you are located in. The City you are located in. Your Company's name. The Company Division  the site belongs to. The Email address that the certificate should be sent to and a Pass Phrase if you choose to use one. The pass phrase is a challenge password used by Apache at startup to decrypt your SSL private key. For more information on the pass phrase,
After you have filled out the necessary information, click on Generate to generate the signing request. Check the output for errors if the request does not appear under Certificate Signing Requests on Server.
Installing the SSL Certificate
After you have received the SSL certificate from your trusted provide, you will need to install it. To do this, you will need to click on the icon above Certificates (CRT).
Now, you will need to copy the SSL certificate into the blank field on the page, or upload a copy of the .crt file that you have received from your SSL provider.
Copy in everything in the file, including the:
Once you've copied the file into the field, or selected the .crt file to be uploaded, click on Upload.
If you receive any errors during this process, please contact cPanel or your SSL provider.